Why Sponsor ATMA CPD?


► The Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA) invites you to participate as a sponsor for one of it’s highly

regarded CPD events throughout 2020. With a commitment to it’s membership base, ATMA endeavors to provide the

highest quality event possible and through your support we can make this happen and give your business the

recognition it deserves.

Event Structure

► The primary goal of ATMA is to advance the art and science of tactical medical care through the education and

professional development of medical providers.

► As well as CPD content, our events feature opportunities for your business to exhibit your capability, merchandise or

expertise. You will be given time to address the audience and will naturally be given vast amounts of exposure in the

lead up and during the event in order to make your business as visible as possible. You can view examples of our

previous event exposure by checking out our social media pages:

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