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Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Care in High Threat Incidents

This guideline has been developed for use by medical first responders including paramedics, nurses, doctors and police medics.

The guideline provides a comprehensive introduction to clinical management of seriously injured patients in high threat incidents including active armed offender (AAO) and hybrid targeted violence (HTV) incidents as well as any other incidents which may pose a potential or actual risk of physical harm to responders as a result of dangers inherent at the scene i.e. major weather events or domestic violence events etc. 

Emergency Services Support Role to Deliberate High Threat Incidents

AFAC and ATMA have collaborated to release a guideline for non- law enforcement response to intentional mass violence and tactical high threat incidents.  This guideline provides the first national approach to standardising emergency services response to Active Armed Offender incidents.  In defining response paradigms in Australia and New Zealand this framework will allow for collaborative approaches to capability development.


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