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Sub Committees & Working Groups

Clinical Guidelines & Research  Subcommittee

The Clinical Guidelines & Research Subcommittee is made up of both military and civilian health care professionals.

The aim of the subcommittee is to share ideas, foster research, network and create and advocate for a standardised model of tactical medical clinical practice guidelines for health care staff ranging from front line paramedics and military medics, through to special operations paramedics and doctors.

The committee also acts as the focal point for education, advocacy, advice and progression of an Australian tactical medical capability and high threat incident preparedness.

The committee is responsible for the official journal of ATMA, the Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine (JHTAM).

Members include:

  • Dr Martin Graves (Chair)
  • Mr Aldon Delport (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Jeremy Smith
  • Mr. Nick Roberts
  • Mr. Stewart Roberston

To get in touch with the subcommittee Chair please email

Law Enforcement Working Group

The Law Enforcement Working Group is a restricted working group comprised of a representative from each state/ territory and federal police tactical group within Australia. The group is guided by experienced Special Operations Doctors & Paramedics.

The aim of the LEWC is to share ideas, network and create a standardised model of clinical practice for police medics.

Information from the LEWC is not published to members or the general public due to the sensitive nature of the members identity and published tactics.

To contact the LEWC please email 

Military Medic Working Group

The Military Medic Working Group aims to support and advocate for the continued education and academic progression of the Australian/New Zealand Military Medic profession.

To contact the MMWG please email

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