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Matt Pepper

Matt served 7 years in various combat roles as a soldier and officer in the Australian Army before becoming a paramedic. With over 15 years as a Paramedic across multiple Ambulance services, Matt is currently a Special Operations/Intensive Care Paramedic.  Matt was part of the team that established the first full time Tactical Paramedic Team in Australia, and was the first ever dedicated Tactical Medicine Clinical Training Officer in the country.

With a range of instructional roles he teaches tactical medicine to various government agencies, the ADF and emergency services.

Matt was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2015 to study tactical medicine and prehospital terrorism response with various agencies through the USA, UK and Canada.  He was also the Ian O'Rourke Scholarship recipient in 2018, exploring collaboration and interagency cooperation in high threat medical response.

He has a Masters of Philosophy researching the characteristics of the prehospital response to terrorism, is on the editorial board of the Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine, and works for numerous universities as a lecturer, tutor and curriculum developer. 

Vice President

Ben Tribe

Ben is in his 16th year of service in the Australian Army where he serves as a medic. During this time, he has worked with some of Australia’s most elite forces and has served on operations in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ben’s professional interests lie in the development of TCCC for military first responders, and the cross over of lessons learnt on the battlefield into the domestic law enforcement spectrum.


Adam C

Adam has spent 12 years in the Australian Army as a medic, where he currently serves in Special Operations Command.  He has operational and training deployments to South East Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East.  During his time in SOCOMD he has graduated from a foreign special operations medic course, deployed to Afghanistan and was a member of TAG (East). 

Since transferring to the reserve forces he has joined the NSW Ambulance Service where he currently practices as an ALS Paramedic. 

General Manager

Lee Dixon

Lee has been serving with NSW Ambulance for over 10 years. Lee has gone on to complete his Intensive Care Paramedic training, Special Operations training and Remote Area Access training, as well as being a member of Australia's first full-time Tactical Paramedic Team. 

As well as his role with ATMA and NSW Ambulance, Lee is also an Instructor with TacMed Australia where he provides high quality medical training to various agencies in both Tactical and Remote Area first aid.

Lee has a keen interest in furthering Australia's medical capability in the world of high threat care and bringing Australia in-line with the world leaders in this space, particularly around the confluence of wilderness, austere and tactical medicine.

Board Member


JB is a current serving member of the Australian Special Operations Command.

Board Member

Dr Marty Graves

LTCOL. Graves is an Anaesthetist in the Australian army. He has an interest in Anaesthesia for Trauma Surgery, prehospital care, draw-over anaesthesia and military medical history. His current anaesthetic practice includes anaesthesia for head and neck surgery, difficult airways and regional anaesthesia.

He has deployed with the Australian Army to East Timor and Afghanistan including four tours of Afghanistan as the Medical Officer for the Special Operations Task Group and as an anaesthetist at the Multinational Role 3 Military Hospital in Kandahar. In 2007 he received a Commendation for Distinguished Service for his actions during a mass-casualty event resulting from a suicide IED. He developed and is currently the senior lecturer of NATO’s Special Operations Surgical Team Development Course.

Board Member

LTCOL. Stuart Baldwinson

Stuart started his military career as a Combat Engineer in 1992 and then transferred to the Royal Australian Army Corps as a Physical Training Instructor. In 2000, he took commission as a General Service Officer in the Medical Corps. He has served in a variety of roles including the Officer Commanding 2nd Close Health Battalion and more recently as the Officer in Charge of the Soldier Recovery Centre in Townsville, QLD and Commanding Officer and Chief Instructor of the Army School of Health.

Board Member

Katie Hall

Katie is an officer in the Australian Defence Force who has extensive experience working for the Department of Defence, and currently works as a training operations specialist for TacMed. She has a background in Nursing and has worked her way through many different roles in a Defence capacity from Nursing officer right through to instructor and practice manager. Katie has a Masters of Advanced Practice in Acute Care and particularly enjoys new challenges & working within a multidisciplinary team.

CPD Manager

Matt Richardson 


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Mathew Johnston


National Secretary 

Carlie Whiteley


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Oliver Ellis


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Ben Davoren


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