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About the Association

ATMA is a not for profit Association that represents the interests of Australians involved in the provision and development of tactical medicine across the spectrum of applications, from the general emergency services response to high threat incidents, right through to highly specialised providers in military, police and other special operations groups. 

Our mandate is driven by our memberships enthusiasm to continually improve and provide the highest level of first aid and medical care in austere, dangerous, remote and dynamic environments. 

The development of improved capability to save lives is the underlying principle of ATMA, and this is achieved through advice, advocacy, training, networking, collaboration and the annual Australian Tactical Medicine Conference.

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Tactical Medical Conference

The Australian Tactical Medical Conference (ATMC) is structured to provide delegates and conference partners a multi-day plenary event with presentations delivered by local and international speakers from a wide range of healthcare disciplines. 

As well as the ATMC plenary sessions, the conference features numerous social events including the official conference function, pre-conference welcome drinks, exclusive breakout opportunities, trade hall catering and much more.

ATMC is the only conference of its type in Australia and continues to bring together a unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, austere, disaster and deployed medicine.

This years event is set to be the largest conference ATMA have convened to date. We have an exciting program that will be released soon. We hope to see you at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in September 2024!

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Follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date with The Australian Tactical Medical Association, webinars and our Tactical Medical Conference. 

This space is also an excellent platform to network with like-minded professionals.

Please reach out to the team if you have any questions!

JHTAM is focused on the field of high threat and austere medicine - defined as any care provided in a hazardous or resource-constrained environments. 

This could include TEMS, HAZMAT, SAR, USAR, TacMed, wilderness, remote as well as high angle rescue.

The primary aim of the journal is to build research capacity in this niche but emerging field.


Strategic Partner

Founded in 1987, the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine.

Our primary goal is to advance the art and science of special operations medical care through the education and professional development of special operations medical providers.

SOMA provides a forum for military and civilian medical providers, academia and industry from around the world to meet and exchange ideas in our Scientific Assembly, through our official publication, the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM).

SOMA advances the science, technology and skills of unconventional medicine. 

Click this link to visit the SOMA website.

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