About ATMA

ATMA is a not for profit Association that represents the interests of Australians involved in the provision and development of tactical medicine across the spectrum of applications, from the general emergency services response to high threat incidents, right through to highly specialised providers in military, police and other special operations groups.

Our mandate is driven by our memberships enthusiasm to continually improve and provide the highest level of first aid and medical care in austere, dangerous, remote and dynamic environments.

The development of improved capability to save lives is the underlying principle of ATMA, and this is achieved through advice, advocacy, training, networking, collaboration and the annual Australian Tactical Medical Conference.

Not-for-profit Association

Did you know ATMA is registered with the ACNC?

Jan 25, 2022 | Read more >

C-TECC Recognition

We're proud to announce we're a C-TECC recognised education provider.

Jan 08, 2020 | Read more >

Latest guideline

Download our latest clinical guideline, Clinical Care in High Threat Incidents

Jan 20, 2018 | Read more >

ATMA Journal

The Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine is the official journal of ATMA

Jan 19, 2022 | Read more >

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