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Meet the team

Behind the strength and success of ATMA lies a formidable team of specialists who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Our diverse team is comprised of dedicated paramedics, skilled police officers, and seasoned military professionals, all united by a common goal: to provide exceptional tactical medical care in the most demanding situations.

Get to know the faces behind ATMA, their unwavering commitment, and the invaluable contributions they make to our organization and the communities we serve.


Ben Tribe

Allow us to introduce Ben, a true veteran and founding member of our organization. With an impressive 20 years of dedicated service in the Australian Army, Ben's expertise and experience in the field of tactical medicine are unparalleled. Having served as a Medic for 19 years, Ben has worked alongside some of Australia's most elite military units, participating in operations and training exercises across the globe.

As one of the founding members of ATMA, Ben's passion for enhancing health capabilities within various organizations is evident. Serving as the inaugural Vice President, Ben has played a pivotal role in establishing ATMA as a platform for pre-hospital clinicians and planners to connect, share their experiences, and build invaluable professional networks. Ben takes immense pride in the impact that ATMA has had on the field, empowering individuals and organizations alike to elevate their tactical medical expertise.

With Ben's extensive military background and unwavering dedication, he continues to contribute invaluable insights and guidance to ATMA. Get to know Ben, the driving force behind our organization, and discover the extraordinary contributions he has made to the advancement of tactical medicine in Australia and beyond.

Vice president

brigadier Toni Bushby

We are honoured to introduce Brigadier Bushby, the esteemed Chief of Staff - Joint Health Command, whose appointment in January 2023 marks a significant milestone in her career. With a distinguished background as a Nursing Officer, Brigadier Bushby's career has encompassed various notable postings, showcasing her exceptional expertise and commitment to healthcare within the Australian Army.

Brigadier Bushby's extensive experience includes service in units such as the 2nd Field Hospital, 1 and 3 Combat Service Support Battalions, 5th Aviation Regiment, Robertson and Simpson Barracks Health Centres, Headquarters Joint Operations Command, Officer Career Management Army, SO1 Health Policy at Joint Health Command, and the Director of Army Health. Her breadth of knowledge spans diverse areas of military healthcare, empowering her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering exceptional medical services.

Notably, Brigadier Bushby's operational deployments in East Timor, Afghanistan, and Kosovo have showcased her dedication in both rotary wing aeromedical evacuation and resuscitation team roles. Alongside her impressive service record, she holds qualifications in Health Services Management, Vocational Education and Training, Emergency Nursing, and Pre-hospital Care, further underscoring her commitment to continuous professional development.

As an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Services Management and a member of the Australian College of Nursing, Colonel Bushby actively advocates for combat healthcare within the land domain. Her unwavering support extends to all health craft groups, recognizing the vital role each plays in ensuring the well-being of military personnel.

Brigadier Bushby's leadership, expertise, and passion make her an invaluable asset to our team and the advancement of tactical medical care. We are privileged to have her guiding our organization and championing excellence in combat health within the Australian Tactical Medical Association.

Board Member

Mathew johnston (MJ)

Allow us to introduce MJ, a true force in the field of tactical medicine. MJ is not only an Intensive Care Paramedic Team Leader within NSW Ambulance, but also an active member of the Australian Army Reserve. 

With a remarkable background, MJ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. Moreover, MJ's expertise extends beyond these roles. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Trauma Innovation Committee within the NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management, MJ plays a vital role in driving advancements and shaping the future of tactical medicine. 

Get to know MJ and discover the remarkable contributions he makes to ATMA and the wider field of tactical medicine.

Board Member


Meet JB, a highly skilled sergeant in the Australian Army whose expertise spans service in Special Operations, Underwater Medicine, and all things TCCC. With an impressive 13-year career in the Army, JB brings a wealth of training and operational experience garnered both within Australia and abroad.

Beyond his exceptional service to the military, JB is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge and experiences, fostering the growth of junior medics, and providing unwavering support to the Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA). As an avid adventurer, JB's spirit of exploration often finds him scaling mountains and navigating challenging terrains.

JB's passion for the advancement of tactical medicine is exemplified by his role as the convener of the ATMC22 conference, where he orchestrated an impactful event that brought together professionals from various disciplines. As he looks towards the future, JB is excited to continue his dedicated work, leveraging his expertise and experience to propel the Association to new heights.

With JB's unwavering dedication, adventurous spirit, and profound commitment to professional development, he serves as an invaluable asset to both the Australian Army and ATMA. Get to know JB and discover the remarkable contributions he brings to the table as we shape the future of our Association and the industry.

Board Member


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Board Member

dave healy

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Lee dixon

Allow us to introduce Lee, an exceptional individual with over 13 years of dedicated service to NSW Ambulance. As a Critical Care Paramedic within the NSWA Aeromedical team, Lee's expertise and commitment to saving lives are truly commendable. Lee's remarkable skills extend to being a member of the Special Operations Team (SOU) and a qualified Remote Area Access Paramedic, showcasing his versatility in challenging environments.

Moreover, Lee holds the distinction of having been a member of Australia's pioneering full-time Tactical Paramedic Team, paving the way for enhanced emergency medical response in high-pressure situations. Lee's extensive experience and expertise in tactical and remote area first aid have positioned him as an invaluable asset within the field.

In addition to Lee's roles with ATMA and NSW Ambulance, he serves as an esteemed Instructor with TacMed Australia. Through this role, Lee imparts high-quality medical training to various agencies, equipping them with the necessary skills in both tactical and remote area first aid.

Lee's passion for advancing Australia's medical capabilities in high-threat care is truly inspiring. Lee strives to bring Australia in line with world leaders in the field, particularly in the intersection of wilderness, austere, and tactical medicine. With his keen interest and unwavering dedication, Lee is a driving force in propelling Australia's medical capabilities to new heights.

Get to know Lee, an extraordinary individual dedicated to pushing boundaries and ensuring the highest level of care in the most challenging situations. Together with ATMA and his various roles, Lee continues to make a significant impact on the field of high-threat medical care, leaving an indelible mark on Australia's medical landscape.


Toby Ellis

Allow us to introduce Toby, a former accountant and auditor. Toby has recently returned from a two year tenure in the Far West of NSW where he served as both a Rural Financial Counsellor and Small Business Coach for the heavily drought affected Central Darling, Broken Hill and Unincorporated Far West local government areas (approximately 20% of the state of NSW). 

Initially operating on a FIFO basis between Broken Hill and the NGO headquarters in Dubbo, before relocating entirely to the Silver City, Toby supported small businesses and geographically isolated farming families with their financial resilience and disaster preparedness until the conclusion of the drought in 2022.

Having completed time as an Accountant, Auditor and now Financial Counsellor, Toby has returned to the Central West to work directly with government, continuing his passion for disaster relief and supporting primary industry. Apart from volunteering for various non-profits, Toby is currently studying his Masters in Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development, a course co-authored by the University of Newcastle (UON) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).


Carlie Whiteley

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CPD Manager

Matt richardson

Meet Matt, a highly experienced Intensive Care Paramedic with a remarkable 23-year tenure in various roles within the health industry. Throughout his career, Matt has worked in diverse clinical settings both internationally and within Australia, including hospitals, community healthcare, and education environments. This breadth of experience has shaped his extensive knowledge and expertise.

What sets Matt apart is his energetic and authentic leadership style, which resonates with colleagues, clients, and external stakeholders alike. He embodies the values of leadership, integrity, personal drive, and professional behaviour, consistently demonstrating his commitment to these principles. 

In terms of qualifications, Matt holds registrations as both a Registered Nurse and Registered Paramedic. He has also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Tactical Medicine and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Terrorism and Security Services. This diverse academic background further enriches his ability to contribute effectively to the field of tactical medicine.

Since 2019, Matt has taken on the role of National CPD Manager for the Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA). In this capacity, he passionately advocates for the highest standards of patient care in Tactical, Austere, and High Threat Environments. Matt's dedication and drive are evident in his unwavering commitment to continuous professional development and the pursuit of excellence in tactical medicine.



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